Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kodiak Filipino Community Stories Films- Posted!

We are excited to announce that the Kodiak Filipino Community Stories student directed films are now available for viewing online. All nine films are on the Baranov Museum's YouTube channel at, or by clicking through to an individual film from the list below.

Special thanks to our partners on this project: the Filipino American Association of Kodiak, the Kodiak Island Borough School District, and Media Action. And thanks to the wonderful students, who demonstrated incredible energy, creativity, and sensitivity to their topics. This project was made possible through financial support from the Alaska Humanities Forum.

"The Many Filipino Organizations of Kodiak" by 9th grader Kyla Villaroya

"Remembering the Workers" by 7th grader Rey Jacob Roy

"Denis's Story" by 12th grader Olivia Bennett

"The J-1 Visa Controversy" by 7th grader Marina Cummiskey

"Filipinos in the Aleutian Homes" by 11th grader James Guilas

"Filipinos in the Canneries" by 10th grader Max Mutch

"USCG Filipinos" by 7th grader Hunter Blair

"Education - the Filipino Experience in Kodiak" by 10th grader Blake James

"Filipinos in Politics" by 10th grader Jonas Anderson

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